Image of BILLY CLUB SANDWICH "Chin Music" CD


BILLY CLUB SANDWICH "Chin Music" Compact Disc.
Intense Hardcore from the streets on NYC. This release put BCS on the worldwide hardcore map! Catchy riffs and awesome beats!
CD booklet features Lyrics, Liner Notes, and Rare Images.

Track Listing:
1. Welcome To The Show
2. Chin Music
3. Veterans Day
4. Slip Shots
5. Bronx Zoo
6. Loads
7. Skate Rock
8. Tecato
9. Max HC
10. Preacher's Daughter... The Pimp's Wife
11. Phil Vibes Sweatin'
12. Narco Cabron
13. Justice Unknown
14. Anger Is...
15. Infidel
16. BCS Intro
17. DEA (Rough Mix)
18. Martin Gonzo Mega Mix
19. Pressure
20. This Is No Song