Image of CRUMBSUCKERS "Life Of Dreams" CD


CRUMBSUCKERS "Life Of Dreams" Compact Disc.
Crumbsuckers debut release. Classic New York hardcore thrash originally released in 1986. Leaders of the hardcore punk thrash metal crossover movement. Interactive CD with photo gallery and wallpaper. 20th Anniversary Re-issue CD with booklet containing Lyrics, Bio, and Rare Photos. Released on Streetjustice Records (Germany).

Track Listing:
1. Just Sit There
2. Trapped
3. Interlude
4. Super Tuesday
5. Shits Creek
6. Return To The Womb
7. Longest War
8. Shot Down
9. Prelude
10. Life Of Dreams
11. Brainwashed
12. Face Of Death
13. Hubrun
14. Bullshit Society
15. Live To Work
16. Mr. Hyde