THE KRAYS "Sangre" Vinyl LP

Image of THE KRAYS "Sangre" Vinyl LP


THE KRAYS "Sangre" Vinyl LP.
The Krays are Punk Rock legends. Catchy riffs, amazing sing-a-longs, and intelligent lyrics! Hands down the best punk band to ever come out of the NY punk/hardcore scene. The Vinyl includes 14 incredible songs!!!
Includes Insert Sheet with lyrics, rare photos, flyers, and more.

The Vinyl is also available in Europe at GPS Productions here:

Track Listing:
Side A:
1. Drone
2. Vida Profunda
3. Albizu Campos
4. A Race Towards The Morning
5. The Attack
6. The Dying Cold
7. Sangre Taina

Side B:
8. Mundo Perdido
9. Warnings
10. We Lose
11. ┬┐Quien Sabe Mas?
12. Out Of The Darkness
13. Sour Ground
14. In The Wars All Around