YUPPICIDE "American Oblivion" 12" Vinyl

Image of YUPPICIDE "American Oblivion" 12" Vinyl


YUPPICIDE "American Oblivion" 12" Vinyl EP.
Limited Edition Vinyl! Legendary New York hardcore punk band are back. Rousing sing-alongs, anthemic lyrics, heartfelt words, wry sense of humor, searing melodies, bone-crunching stomp parts, a raw blast of everything Yuppicide is best known for. Limited Edition black cover with silver ink. This 6 song 12" vinyl EP includes a full color lyric sheet with photo's. All artwork and drawings are done by the band themselves.

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Dead Inside
2. Too Late
3. There's A Line

Side B
4. American Oblivion
5. Flies On...
6. Not With You